Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Don't let fear hold you back

We had an idea, we made soaps for ourselves, we like them, other people that have used them like them, so why not sell them. Of course before we could do that we had to invest in supplies, more supplies than we would use for just us. When it comes to investing money to start a business you have to deal with the fear that it might not make it. You have to ask if you have faith in your product. We have faith in our product and took our savings and invested in supplies.

Now the question was how to get customers. The answer was to give out samples, which we did. We took samples to work with us and gave them out to people that wanted to try the lotion. That first day we were in business we had 4 orders. Now we have repeat customers. I guess that says alot, people like our products well enough to buy from us again, and they are telling their friends and family about us. Word of mouth is the best advertising that you can get. A person telling their friend about a product that they have tried and really like. We had one of our customers buy two sets of lotion, shampoo, conditioner and soap to give as gifts. I can't tell you how good that made me feel, our products were good enough for gifts.

I'm glad that we didn't let fear hold us back. I'm glad that we had faith in the opportunity that the Universe presented us with.

If there is something that you really want to do, take the chance.

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